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Siyathembana Consulting

Our Service Offerings

We specialise in helping our clients with Social-economic development,
Project Management, Community Engagement & Social Facilitation.


Siyathembana offers specialist services in entrepreneurial and enterprise development, with key focus areas on –

  • Social development plans
  • Social Economic Development
  • Enterprise development strategy
  • Local procurement plan
  • Socio-economic impact assessments
  • Contractor development
  • New Venture creation


Community engagement & Social facilitation is a key part of our work. The primary focus of our approach is on enabling relationships and trust. These are aimed at building and strengthening sustainable results over time.
Key to this process is –

  • Mobilising community or voluntary groups to participate at a range of levels from providing advice to co-designing the process.
  • We develop frameworks based on best practice geared toward meaningful community engagement.
  • Produce practical guides and regularly provide training and support to community organisations and public bodies.
  • Development of community engagement plans
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Grievance management plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation


  • Development of M&E frameworks (including logic models, indicators, data collection, analysis and reporting plans,
  • Designing and conducting evaluations:
  • Formative evaluations designed to inform/improve implementation.
  • Process evaluations.
  • Outcome evaluations.
  • Impact assessments.
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluations.
  • Providing technical support for M&E (developing M&E instruments, support for data collection, analysis and reporting, quality assurance).
  • Commissioning and managing evaluations
  • Monitoring and evaluation